Got Bed Bugs? Get an Exterminator

Bed bugs are not harmful. They do not cause any type of disease, anyway. But, ask anyone who has ever experienced the torment of a bedbug in their home and they’ll tell you these creatures create their fair share of chaos and commotion. It is hard to sleep when you fear a bed bug. Despite being only ½” in cm, the bedbug leaves a horrendous bite that can massively swell and intensely itch, especially for the unfortunate people who are allergic to the venom the bug inserts as it feasts upon your blood meal.

The bugs live in the mattress and box springs of your bed. They also enjoy the headboard. However, bed bugs are not limited only to these area and will make home anywhere that it is dark. Never think that an area is too small for a bed bug. The bugs themselves are small and they can fit into very tight spaces. Furthermore, they are so small that it may be impossible to spot the bug with your eye. You will, however, always notice the signs they leave behind, such as blood spots and discarded shells. The bites they leave are also undeniably painful.

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If you suspect bed bugs in your home, do not procrastinate and call a bed bug exterminator nyc at once. The sooner you make the call, the better, since it takes bed bugs only a short time to cause a major infestation. Furthermore, the bug can survive in your home in hiding, without a blood meal for up to one year! That is a long time to have a bug in the home that goes undetected.  You can get back to sleep after you make the call to an exterminator, confident that the bed bugs are gone from your home.