The Organic Way to Protect Your Family from Dangerous Pests

Mosquitos are everywhere and their bite can ruin your flawless skin look, leave you itching for days, or even make you sick.  They are able to carry many diseases which can leave you in bed for days or even put you in the ER.  It can be scary to think about all the bad things that mosquitos bring, especially when you have young children.  This leaves many people looking to repellant and candles to try and keep these pests away.  However, organic mosquito control products can be more impactful without the worry of nasty chemicals.

What do you want in your pest control products?

·    Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a great option that is natural and effective.  It leaves you feeling much more open and relaxed while it repels all kinds of pests including spiders and even mice!  Peppermint oil is a nice scent that won’t trigger any asthma attacks or allergies.

·    Cedar Oil

organic mosquito control

Cedar oil is a powerful tool that sucks the water right out of these pests and kills them via drying them out.  It can also cause respiratory issues and alkalizes their bodies to the point that they cannot function when they remain near cedar oil.  It will get rid of their eggs and larvae as well.  With all of these powerful reactions pests have to cedar oil, you can bet they will steer clear of your yard.

·    2-phenethyl propionate

While this may not sound natural, it is a combination of phenethyl alcohol and propionic acid.  This can be found in peanuts.  It is great at pest control and is also used to get rid of bed bugs.

There are many new organic product options you can use to ensure you protect your family from the harmful diseases mosquitos can bring as well as the harmful chemicals some products provide.