Helping With Grief Over Loss

The bond between pet and owner can be just as tangible as that between two people. When a well-loved cat dies the feelings of grief are just as poignant, and the space left by a pet who has lived in your home for years can be a chasm.

cat memorials

As with any loved on you want something to remind you

One nice idea by a medical clinic in Vancouver is to provide a space on their site for cat memorials . It is a simple concept. Cat owners can place some photographs and leave a few words about their cat. The page is an open page, but it manages two really sweet things.

Obviously, there is the memorial to a well-loved pet, but in addition, the people who are posting the memorials get a sense of other people who are sharing or have shared the same type of sadness.

Contact with similar people

It is this human connection which really makes the difference and makes this page work so well. People who aren’t cat people talk about ‘only’ a cat. They just don’t get that a cat can be a companion and a friend and when they die they can be sorely missed.

A place to say what you want, how you want

This page provides grieving owners an open forum to say what they want about a loved animal without judgment and without fear of being criticized.

The very nicest part is the sharers know that they are not alone. Other people have felt what they are feeling and share their sense of loss.

Grief is grief

After any loss, there is a grieving period and there is no scale on love or grief. Anything which helps a grieving person express loss is a good idea.