What Do You Do When You Need A Vet In A Hurry?

It is a distressing time to be a pet owner. Because inevitably your little one has fallen ill and you do not know enough about dogs or cats to figure out what exactly is wrong with it. You have no alternative but to take it to the emergency vet fairfax rooms. But whoa, wait a bit before you do this. It is a new experience for you and, yes, it’s understandable, you are in quite hurry to get your pet seen to.

But before you attempt to bundle the poor fragile creature, all shivering in its fur like, why don’t you quickly first find out if this vet will quickly come to you instead. That might make a lot more sense. And if this is his service to your local community and all the little animals out there then it’s going to be alright. It shouldn’t take long for him to find your place. He would be used to doing emergency rounds by now and probably knows your area like the back of his hand.

emergency vet fairfax

It makes sense to get the vet to come to you rather. This is, after all an emergency. If this was you, you would not be dragging yourself off to the emergency entrance. How could you? Not in this condition. No, rather let the vet come to your house first and foremost. Let him do his diagnosis there and then. And if he is able to solve the little cat or dog’s dilemma there and then, then so be it and all is well.

Well, it’s going to be well. Not long to wait. But should the animal need to be hospitalized, the vet can cart it off in his specially prepared van.